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People Finding Success

Tapping Deep And Lasting Change!

“Million bazillion quadrillion thanks! The coaching sessions were wonderful, it was great to feel the healing flow happening in its own perfect timing.”

-Louise Massey

“I now realize that EFT represents an amazing way to deal with trauma. Dawson is way knowledgeable and gifted in this area.”

-Ralph Norbertson, LCSW

“When we started the program, it was do or die. Either my husband and I were going to have a breakthrough, or get divorced. This was our last chance to repair our marriage, and I had so little hope. As we learned the skills one after another, and used them, the walls in our hearts crumbled to dust and we fell into each others arms. Our friends say we’re like newlyweds again!”

-Patricia Felipe-Bach

“Dawson Church did an absolutely superb job of teaching EFT, guiding us through important growth experiences, and putting it all in the context of the most recent research in genetics and biology. A truly outstanding training I would recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life! “

- Fred Sauer, Engineer, former Ford Motor Company executive

“My life has steadily improved since discovering EFT and EFT Universe. The trainings have been invaluable. Dawson church is a truly human (and humane) teacher, and he is surrounded by staff who enhance the positive impact of EFT. I continue on my road to healing, confident that I have all the tools and knowledge base at my disposal to complete the journey.”

- Mindy Richards, medical researcher

“It was good do discover that revisiting past hurts can be be safe, and that I could finally let go of the negative charge around old problems.”

-Deborah Pence

“There were yucky parts of my life hidden in the basement that I was terrified to uncover. But they would erupt sometimes and horribly hurt my husband and kids. Dawson’s soothing gentle manner helped me open the hatch and start to tap away all that yuck. My anger is no longer a danger to my family.”

-Birmie Gonzalez

“An engrossing presentation. Dawson strikes a nice balance between research, experiential, and scientific background.”

- Tom Steffans, LPC

"I’ve had lots of opportunity while away with my family to see how your program has helped me manage in my relationships, and it’s been amazing! None of the others are involved in tapping or this sort of work, but just focusing on my own feelings and what I’m bringing in has worked a treat. I can see such huge shifts, words are somewhat inadequate to describe the changes. Thank you so much!"

- Jude Fay, Ireland