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Below we’ve assembled the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Please read through this page, and you should find the answer you’re looking for.

Username, email and logging in

Username & Login Help

After a successful payment you will get 2 emails:

1. You will get a payment confirmation email AND

2. You will also get a separate email with a link and instructions to create your username and password.

Please allow time for the systems to process your information and for the emails to arrive, as they come from separate places and one triggers the other. Emails can take anywhere from minutes to several hours to receive.

If you did not receive your two emails please check to make sure one or both emails didn't end up in a spam folder or were filtered into another folder on your device. Email providers (like gmail) require that you adjust your inbox settings to allow you to see certain emails from companies.

We do not recommend using Yahoo email or Hotmail email because of their deliverablity issues.

If you aren't seeing the emails from us...

Our emails to you may have wound up in your spam filter/folder, or if you are using Gmail, then one of the secondary folders used by Gmail to filter your emails for you. Make sure you add newsletter@eftuniverse.com to your email contacts so that your email provider knows we aren't spam.

If you're using Gmail tab view, find one of our emails and drag it into your "Primary" tab. Google will then ask you if you want to apply this to all emails from this sender; click "Yes" if your Gmail is set up with the tab view. Otherwise, check Gmail's support page.

AOL and Yahoo email addresses are particularly problematic for emails landing in spam or not being delivered at all. AOL Help for resolving email is here. Yahoo Help for resolving email is here.


I am unable to log in.

Sorry you are having trouble logging into the site. Please remember that usernames AND passwords are case sensitive so make sure your Caps Lock on your device isn't set to "on." Also make sure you are not hitting the space bar at the end of your username or password because login credentials reads spaces as characters too.

Here's a direct link where you can reset your password. To protect your privacy, no-one else has your password (not even us), so you can just choose "Lost your password?" on the login page, or through the link above, and our automated system will email you a new one.

If you have more than one email address, your temporary password will go to the address you used when registering for the program, so make sure you check that particular email account, and not other email accounts you might have.

If you are still having trouble, contact support by emailing support(at)eftuniverse(dot)com. See the "The Support Team for TDI" section of this page for the support team hours of operation.

I'm not seeing all the content

I can only see the Week____ content-not all the weeks.

The Tapping Deep Intimacy Program is delivered to you on a week-to-week basis. You get access to the first week when the program starts and then you are automatically moved into the next week every 7 days at the time of your original registration.

For example, you register to begin the program on a Monday at 5:00 pm PST, then your next week's content won't become available to you until the next Monday of the following week at 5:00 pm PST.

Dawson Church set up this online workshop this way to ensure that you master the skills in your current week before moving on to the next week.

Also, remember that YOU MUST LOG OUT of the TDI site after each session and log back in to see updated content each week. Check that your browser isn't hanging on to your login and keeping you logged into this site once you are done.

I can't find the chapters I downloaded

Why can’t I find the chapters after I download the PDF?

All written materials for each week are currently available as web pages. You click on them and they appear. However, for your convenience, we’ve also provided them as PDF downloads. When you click to download a PDF, it’s dropped directly to your computer without bringing another window up.

To find it, look in the “Downloads” folder on your computer, or search for “relationshipconference” using the search function on your computer. You should then find the .pdf.

Can I download the videos?

Is there a way to download videos so you can watch later offline?

No, there is no available download for the videos. However, if you save the video page as a favorite or bookmark, you can get back to it quickly.

The Support Team for TDI

Meet our Support Desk!

We have a small dedicated group committed to supporting your efforts. We believe passionately in Tapping Deep Intimacy, and its ability to help you. This page has a list of frequently asked questions. Please look through this list of common questions before contacting support via email,  as the answer you are seeking may already be answered for you.

When you email support asking for help, please allow 48 hours for a response as questions are answered in the order received. If you contact support over the weekend, your inquiry will not be reviewed until the following business day.

Please provide support with a DETAILED explanation of your issue to help facilitate helping you quickly, along with:

• Your full-name.

• The email address you used to registered for the course (some people have forgotten that they registered with a different email address.)

• The device you are using (Windows 7 laptop, Windows 2000 desktop, etc).

• The browser you are using (Chrome, IE 7, Safari, etc).

• The exact error message (if you are getting one) with a description of the problem.

• If you've placed an order please include the order number/transaction number found in your confirmation email.

Send the above details to support(at)eftuniverse(dot)com for a support ticket, we will already have your name and email address.

When you contact support, please understand that emails are checked M-Th 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST -- excluding US National Holidays.

Behind the scenes at TDI, is a brick–and–mortar business with regular working hours. Emails & forum posts received over the weekend and national holidays will not be processed until the following business work day. All forum posts are moderated before going live.

If your issue is complex, sometimes emails have to be escalated to the tech team before a response is given.

Thank You.


The Tapping Deep Intimacy Support Team @ EFTUniverse



I can't remember and event associated with my issue

EFT always tells me to tap on specific events, but I can’t remember any such event associated with my problem.

If you can’t find an event, you can try making one up, as explained in our tutorial on the subject. Usually the events we imagine are quite close to events that actually happened, and that’s often sufficient to make progress with EFT.

EFT practitioners are also trained to help you discover specific events that you can’t find on your own, so we recommend you consult a practitioner and take an EFT workshop.

I'm Not Having Success With a Particular Issue

I’ve tried EFT and it’s worked okay in the past, but I’m not having any success with this particular problem

We suggest you do several things. Take a workshop to deepen your knowledge of EFT, and give you training in the detailed skills of Clinical EFT. Make an appointment with a certified practitioner. Read the free tutorials on EFT Universe, and try the techniques explained there. Pick up one or two of the EFT books that are relevant to your problem.

Post a question in the Facebook Group. Type your problem into the search engine to find out how other people solved the same problem. If you use the thousands of free resources on this site, plus the many personalized opportunities you’ll get through workshops and practitioners, you’ll find even the most stubborn problems are often soluble through EFT.

Does EFT Work With Physical Disease?

Does EFT work with physical diseases?

There are many stories on EFT Universe written by people who’ve used EFT to reduce the stress associated with their disease, and have found relief from their symptoms. You can also read a tutorial on the subject here.

Can You Recommend an EFT Practitioner?

Can you please recommend a practitioner?

You can find our certified practitioners through our practitioner listings. Every practitioner listed is trained in Clinical EFT, and we review their cases each time they renew their certification, so you can be confident in their skills and grasp of EFT. Because the needs of clients vary so widely, no one practitioner is “the ideal practitioner” for everyone, and it’s smart to get sample sessions from several practitioners before deciding on one.

How do I Request a Refund?

How do I request a refund?

You can receive a full refund within 14 days of the first day of the start of the 12 week program if it’s not working for you. Simply email support(at)eftuniverse(dot)com with the word “Refund” in the subject line. We will process your refund within 48-72 hours depending on time and day of the week.

You should see the credit show up in your account within a few days; some credit card companies are speedier than others. Your login to the site, along with all the bonuses, will expire once your refund request has been received.

Please note: TappingDeepIntimacy takes product "renting" return abuse fraud seriously. Buying merchandise for short-term use with intent to return is a form of credit card fraud.


When is Live Support Available?

Hours of Operation

Support hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST except on U.S. Federal holidays. Please use the forum or email support@EFTUniverse.com to open a support ticket and allow 24 - 48 hours for a response.