A funny and inspiring dialog between Dawson Church and Nick Ortner on creating your dream relationship!

Nick Ortner
Dawson and Nick both use EFT in their successful marriages. This interview is full of insights on the science of relationships, and how tapping can transform even long-term problems. They talk about many fascinating topics including:
▸ Your hormonal "set points" and how they keep you repeating unhappy relationship patterns
▸ The neural wiring in your brain and how it can be changed by tapping
▸ Stories of some of the thousands of people who've used tapping to transform their marriages
▸ How single people can shift their core beliefs to find true love
▸ How even long-married couples in stale relationships
▸ The way tapping has prevented terrible divorces
▸ Why the typical experiences of women are different from those of men
Whether you're single, and looking for the love of your dreams, or you're in a relationship that's lost its spark, this training is packed with "Aha" moments that will show you how pleasurable and rewarding relationships can be.

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What’s Your Relationship Style?

This instant eBook download explains the 3 relationship styles in a way that will help you understand why some relationships work and some don't so you can find the type that works for you.

Your personal attachment style (as defined by science, not new age hype) can be rapidly and permanently shifted with EFT tapping, giving you the chance to experience the intimacy you’ve always dreamed of.

“My life has steadily improved since discovering EFT and EFT Universe. The trainings have been invaluable. Dawson church is a truly human (and humane) teacher, and he is surrounded by staff who enhance the positive impact of EFT. I continue on my road to healing, confident that I have all the tools and knowledge base at my disposal to complete the journey.”
- Mindy Richards, medical researcher

This ebook by Dawson Church PhD, will explain the 3 attachment (relationship) styles so you can recognize them and take steps to improve personal, work, and intimate relationships.