Being in a relationship isn't good enough if you still feel alone.

• Want to make your relationship vibrant again?

• Having trouble finding your soul-mate?

Startling new scientific discoveries explain why most of us are stuck in unsatisfying relationships. In this interview, Dawson Church, PhD, explains how our neural networks and our hormonal "set points" keep us repeating the same unsatisfying experiences over and over again. Yet change is possible - even easy - with EFT. Whether you're coupled and looking to make a tired relationship vibrant again, or single and looking for the love of your dreams, you'll discover how to tap your way to deep intimacy.
arielle-ford_001Nick Ortner & Dawson Church in Dialog: EFT for Relationships

Both Nick and Dawson use EFT regularly in their happy marriages. In this insightful and inspiring 45 minute dialog, they present a wealth of information on how to tap away the obstacles to your dream relationship.

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