This ebook by Dawson Church PhD, will explain the 3 attachment (relationship) styles so you can recognize them and take steps to improve personal, work, and intimate relationships.

What’s Your Relationship Style?

Your personal attachment style (as defined by science, not new age hype) can be rapidly and permanently shifted with EFT, giving you the chance to experience the intimacy you’ve always dreamed of.

The 3 Attachment Styles & How They Define Your Relationships

Have you ever worried that you sabotage your relationships?

Or that you unconsciously drive people away?

“I’ve had lots of opportunity while away with my family to see how your program has helped me manage in my relationships, and it’s been amazing! I can see such huge shifts, words are somewhat inadequate to describe the changes. Thank you so much!” - Jude Fay

Find out what your personal attachment style is and take the quiz with this special report!


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If you're unaware that you do something that sabotages relationships then you need to know

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“My life has steadily improved since discovering EFT and EFT Universe. The trainings have been invaluable. Dawson church is a truly human (and humane) teacher, and he is surrounded by staff who enhance the positive impact of EFT. I continue on my road to healing, confident that I have all the tools and knowledge base at my disposal to complete the journey.”
- Mindy Richards, medical researcher