Building Advanced Relationship Skills

Using EFT for our relationship issues can transform our relationships from battlegrounds of dysfunction and resentment to oases of peace and renewal. But it's not just for couples... it’s for anyone seeking to break the grip of old relationship patterns and establish healthy new realities.

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Welcome to Tapping Deep Intimacy!

Tapping Deep Intimacy is a powerful 12 week program that will completely change the way you experience relationships. Each week offers you a potent mix of ideas, stories by real people, cutting-edge science, rich audio & video content, and practical exercises to literally change the wiring in your brain. It draws from Mindfulness, Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Neuroscience, Voice Dialog Therapy, and many of the other very best practices for change.

These leading edge techniques are packaged in an incredibly simple and practical way, and use EFT tapping to turbo-charge all the other methods. You see the approach applied to the heart-wrenching problems of real-life people, and witness their breakthroughs. You’ll see their tears, their laughter, their shifts. Their lives are never the same afterward, and the same radical transformation of your relationships from battlegrounds of disappointment to celebrations of love can be yours. Whether you’re a single person looking to change your relationship future, or whether you’re in a relationship and wanting much more, the skills you learn in this course can produce radical transformation. Why suffer the same disappointments and limitations the rest of your relationship life? If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of loving relationships, join us in Tapping Deep Intimacy. All the best… Dawson Church

Tapping Calls

Recorded Coaching Calls typically last one to two hours and are very insightful, inspirational, and educational. Dawson discusses various relationship topics such as why problems exist & how to get to the root of problems. These calls are part of each weeks lesson. You will find more calls on the Borrowing Benefits Calls.


"I’ve had lots of opportunity while away with my family to see how your program has helped me manage in my relationships, and it’s been amazing! None of the others are involved in tapping or this sort of work, but just focusing on my own feelings and what I’m bringing in has worked a treat. I can see such huge shifts, words are somewhat inadequate to describe the changes. Thank you so much!"

- Jude Fay

“There were yucky parts of my life hidden in the basement that I was terrified to uncover. But they would erupt sometimes and horribly hurt my husband and kids. Dawson’s soothing gentle manner helped me open the hatch and start to tap away all that yuck. My anger is no longer a danger to my family.”

- Birmie Gonzalez
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